Bed Rest Brain Waves

July 25, 2018


It’s amazing how perspective can hit you like a truck.  2 weeks ago I was working my backside off trying to make a difference in the lives of my patients/clients while trying to grow a business to provide market leading health care to the people of Rowville, while playing basketball at a semi-professional level. The business of life had meant that I had not stopped to see the forest from the trees. 


Nicole and I moved our family from the Mornington Peninsula to Rowville for the opportunity to work for Rise Health Group 5 and a half years ago. With Nicole originally being from Echuca, it meant that we had no family or friends outside of “work colleagues” within almost an hours drive. But sometimes you need to have it forced to see the supports you have around you. 


In the past 2 weeks that I have been at home on bed rest, not a single day has gone by that at least someone hasn’t offered to drop in for a coffee, or drive me to East Melbourne appointment (thanks Nikki!) with the record in one day being 6 people offering to stop in! We spend more time at work than we do at home with our families and fortunately I am incredibly lucky to work with a bunch of people that are my friends.


It has also had me appreciate just sitting on the couch, spending otherwise meaningless time with my children, that are priceless moments to me. 


When we aren’t injured we take for granted what are bodies are capable of. 2 weeks ago I was counting down the games left till finals. There was no doubt that the season had become a grind and heading to training was a chore. The weekends, often with games on both Saturday nights and Sunday, taking away from time with my family. 


Having been taken out of my cast and starting to do some exercise now (see the video), I am a long way removed from playing basketball with my mates (50 weeks to go!). Those trainings that were a chore, I now miss hanging out with the best bunch of team mates that I have had in all my time in basketball. 


While it would have been nice if the circumstances were different, it has made me slow down and appreciate the people and the little moments in my life. How lucky I am to have such an amazing family, such awesome friends, a lot of which I get to work with, my team mates and the little moments with these people that are priceless.

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