The Rise Health Group internship is an inclusive internship experience that has been designed to allow Exercise Science students, and like-minded professionals, to develop their theoretical and practical exercise prescription and programming skills in a real world environment. Interns will develop the basic foundational skills that are being taught at University, while having the opportunity to then coach the movements skills in a real world setting. We aim to facilitate the growth into job ready Exercise Professionals, to improve the quality of the Exercise Industry, and to improve awareness of exercise-focussed career pathways. 


Our association with partners such as Rowville Sports Academy and Western Heights College allows us to achieve this vision. Our programs for these academies involve us providing the athletic development, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, dietetics etc. Interns within the program will work with the athletes through the assistance of the supervision of their athletic development, strength and conditioning and rehabilitation programs.

Our internship program has been developed over more than a decade to become one of the largest and most complete programs in Australia, and we have had more interns come through our doors during this period than any other intern program in Australia! Due to this vast experience, we have become proficient at catering to the wide range of individual goals and needs that the modern exercise science student may be looking for during their placement. Additionally, our training and education methods have stood the test of time, and have become a resource and skill that we are immensely proud of and enjoy sharing with the next generation of exercise scientists!

What does our internship involve?

We pride ourselves on providing one of the most practical placements offered to students in Melbourne, if not Australia. From day one, interns will be expected to spend the majority of their placement hours working directly with athletes from a variety of different sports. Our placement runs during normal school hours, typically from 8:30am-3:30pm, with some days requiring an earlier start to the day.


Intern's will assist in delivering predominantly two different types of sessions to our athletes: gym-based sessions, and court/field-based sessions. Intern's roles early on will predominantly involve running stations and drills designed by senior coaches such that interns can master some of the soft skills of being a coach. Once interns are able to "coach" effectively, we will begin to give more and more ownership over station and program design such that interns can then start to develop exercise prescription and critical thinking skills during the latter stages of their placement.

Whilst providing one of the best practical experiences in Australia, we additionally offer concurrent learning modules that are aimed at giving you practical, actionable solutions that you can integrate into your placement. These modules are presented online and can be done at your own pace, however to get the most out of them we recommend you aim to follow along each week. Keep an eye on you inbox at the end of each week!

Finally, to facilitate opportunities for more individualised self-development, we run a weekly discussion whereby interns can bring questions or discussion topics in and have them answered/discussed by senior coaches from Rise. A word of caution though, you might leave these discussions with more questions than answers! There's few black and whites in this industry, just a lot of complex shades of grey!


Prior to attending your first day of placement, there are several things that you MUST get done. In order, you must get done the following:

  1. Read and agree to "Our Expectations" of you completing this placement (linked below)

  2. Complete Modules 1-3 (linked below)

  3. Complete the post-module quiz, achieving 100% on this (linked below)

  4. One single email to our wonderful placement support team at education@risehg.com.au with the subject line "*Insert Name* Pre-Placement Information" and the following information:

    • ​Your Working With Children's Check

    • Screenshot of your 100% post-module quiz result

    • Your T-shirt size

Failure to complete all of the above prior to your first day of placement will result in you being sent home!

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