Reflecting on Week 1



The homework for this week should be obvious! Prior to your next day of placement, we want you coming in with a game plan ready to go on how you can deliver better sessions! As we have done in pieces already, look back on your last week and reflect on the following:

What did I do well?

What did I do not well?

How can I do better?

This can be a formal reflection process whereby you write down some of these points, or can be exclusively mental. The end result of this process though should be that you now have a plan of attack ready to go for next week. Hence come prepared with at least 2-3 practical, actionable solutions ready to share and ready to execute on.

Additionally, this process should be repeated every week during your placement such that you're coming in with a slightly different game plan each week. You should aim to put aside 10-15 minutes, ideally the evening after your day of placement, to briefly go through this process and prepare a game plan for each week. It is only through this consistent refining process that sustained individual growth can occur, and that you can reach your full potential as a coach!

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