Reflecting on Week 1


Practical, Actionable Solutions

Having reflected on the positives and negatives from your first week of placement, it's now time for the most important part of this reflective process. Having identified several controllable things that you want to improve, now we need to design "practical, actionable solutions" to these problems. Coined by one of our senior interns many years ago, the phrase "practical, actionable solutions" has stuck and fits very nicely in the framework for our reflective process. This phrase implies the need for our solutions to be realistic and immediately implementable, hence solutions need to be evaluated through this lens. Too often, we see great ideas that in theory would be awesome and solve many problems, but in reality are unlikely to ever take off and have much of an influence on the issues at hand.

There is nothing new under the sun, and chances are that whatever your problem is, many others have experienced the same problem and found a solution. Hence sometimes the best way to find solutions to your problems are to look around and see what others are doing! Whilst on your placement at Rise, you will be accompanied by many other like minded individuals, in a system that has been successfully operating for the last 10 years, and with supervisors who have a vast array of different experiences. Hence your first step should be to look around and discuss your issues with others!

Another method of developing these solutions is through trial and error. Often the best solutions to a problem, are the ones that we have designed ourselves. Hence someone else may be able to offer a different perspective (which is valuable!), however no-one will truly know the intricacies of your issues the way that you do. No solution will ever be perfect though, so you should always aim refine your solutions through trial and error for the best result.

Finally, you should look to other settings for new ideas. Whilst these settings will invariably be different to Rise, they may offer new or novel ideas that you can trial and refine over your time at Rise. You may be able to explore other settings in person by way of placement/work experience, having discussions with people who've worked or completed placement there, or by simply looking at some of the content (both social media and formal content) that they may put out. Not only will this help with your problem solving ability, but it will also complement the knowledge and experience you take from your placement at Rise.

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