Reflecting on Week 1


The Art of Reflection

The ability to reflect on experiences, and analyse and infer meaning is a highly valuable skill in any industry, and is particularly important for trainees in these industries. However, self-reflection is also an incredibly personal and individualised process, that is not a one-size-fits-all model. Additionally, different experiences will require different reflective processes. Whilst Universities are known to set quite formal and lengthy reflective tasks, the reality is that these types of reflective processes are impractical for day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and second-to-second usage. Hence the aim of this module is to encourage quick and easy self-reflective processes that can be used throughout your placement and allow you to grow as a coach!

At its most basic level, self-reflection aims to achieve three goals:
#1. What went well?
#2. What went not-well?
#3. What should be done next time?

Whilst many fancy reflective models exist that outline this process in great detail, if you can self-reflect and answer these three questions then well done! It's only as you start becoming significantly more experienced that the answers to these three questions start becoming a little complicated, and more formal reflective processes are required. Throughout your placement at Rise though, this basic reflective process should serve you well, and will allow you to rapidly evaluate your own performance between sessions.

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