The Warm-Up


Week 2 Homework

Having been through the content of this module, it should be pretty obvious what your task is for next week! Based on the concepts presented to you in this module, design an EFFECTIVE and RELEVANT warm-up to run through with each of the athlete groups you work with. Given that each group of athletes will likely have a different set of needs and experience, it is expected that each warm-up will be slightly different to accommodate these different needs.

Ensure that you touch base with your supervisor prior to attending placement to confirm the following information:
- How long the warm-up should go for?
- How many athletes you will have to warm-up?
- What space/equipment will be available to use during the warm-up?

Additionally, rather than picking your exercises first, and then thinking why they're important after you've picked them, start by establishing exactly what your athletes need from a warm-up, and then prescribe exercises based on this. Understanding what your athletes need will facilitate better exercise prescription and better reasoning, hence this is a good habit to start early! Feel free to use exercises/movements from any of the videos in this module, however beware the trap of picking exercises first and then finding justifications for your choices after!

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