The Warm-Up


What is the RAMP Protocol and why do we use it?

Whilst infinitely many warm-ups and warm-up protocols exist, we encourage coaches to start with the RAMP protocol due to its simplicity and ease of use. RAMP stands for:


Each of the different phases will be discussed in detail over the following few pages, however we encourage you to also read the Science for Sport blog post on the RAMP protocol for a slightly different perspective (

As was mentioned in the module outline though, we take our warm-ups very seriously given the opportunity cost associated with the time taken to do a warm-up. If coaches design and deliver a 5 minute warm-up of "junk movements" that do nothing to enhance athletic qualities, then multiply that by the 40 sessions/warm-ups we run per year with our athletes, and multiply that by the 6 years an athlete is at the sports academy, and all of a sudden that 5 minutes of "junk" blows out to 20 hours of "junk" over their high school career. A lot can be achieved in 20 hours with an athlete, hence DON'T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY. Whilst the RAMP protocol has it's own goals for each phase (that we will discuss), we also have a few of our own goals for each phase too in order to maximise the effectiveness of our warm-up on long term athlete development.

Once you've gone through the following pages, if you're still unsure whether your warm-up will be as effective as possible, ask yourself these two simple questions:
1. Is my athlete now 110% ready to DOMINATE the subsequent training session?
2. Has your warm-up improved the athlete in some way?

If you answered "no" or "unsure" to either of these question, then you need to re-evaluate your warm-up design or execution, as chances are a valuable opportunity for athlete development has been missed. If you answered "yes", then it's likely you're on the right track, but always aim to continue revising and improving your warm-up!

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