The Warm-Up


Module Outline

As part of your placement at Rise, you will be required to run warm-ups for athletes from very early on in your placement. Considering our very limited time with athletes during their journey at the sports academy, we value every second we have together, and hence try our best to get the most out of everything we do with our athletes. For this reason, we try to get as much out of our warm ups in as little time as possible. Hence the primary goal for this module is to give coaches the knowledge and tools required to produce a concise yet effective warm-up for athletes. To help you achieve this, we will introduce you to the "RAMP Protocol" for warm-ups as a starting point, however the expectation will be that each warm-up you perform gets better and better as you gain more experience. Hence the aims of this module are:
- To introduce the RAMP warm-up protocol
- To justify the importance of each element of the RAMP protocol
- To give you some practical examples for each element of the ramp protocol

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