The Goals of Training



Whilst quite a lengthy module, hopefully the content in this module has given you a good starting point to start considering what physical qualities our athletes need to develop to become elite in their sport. As is discussed in the video below, your homework for this week will be to pick one important movement pattern in the sport you're completing placement with, and aim to break down what SPECIFIC physical qualities are required for the successful completion of that movement pattern, as is shown in the below video. From this list of required physical qualities, aim to prioritise these qualities into a "high", "medium", and "low" category based on what you think are the most important qualities to develop to improve the movement pattern. Make sure to pick a non-complicated pattern (i.e. 360 degree spin around a defender has A LOT of physical qualities required... too complicated), and avoid picking movements that are highly skill dependent (i.e. spin bowling, whilst still somewhat physically demanding, requires an insane amount of skill to execute well, hence will be a poor choice for the needs analysis).

Aim to share your needs analysis with your placement group, and be prepared for supervisors to ask you horrible questions to justify your thoughts!

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