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A leader isn't necessarily the person who is in front. A leader is someone that people want to follow. Think about certain people in leadership roles, are they people you would want to follow?

We know that from research, if someone who appears homeless jaywalks, that virtually nobody will follow them across the road. When someone dressed in business attire carrying a brief case does, a lot of people will follow them across the road. Our subconscious brain will naturally follow people we deem to be in positions of leadership or that are "powerful". But dress sense is not enough. Our actions and behaviour need to match the values of someone we are willing to align ourselves with. We also know that if someone dresses in business attire, that people who are from an arts type background are less likely to buy raffle tickets from them. We are more likely to align with someone we associate with or that is appropriately

Who would you follow or believe in?
A person in a suit, a person in tradesman attire or a person in activewear?

There is no right answer without context. If you were seeing an orthopaedic surgeon, a suit probably invokes more trust and would probably make you feel most comfortable. If you were doing something athletic, perhaps the activewear and lastly if you were building a new house, probably the tradesman. It is symbolic of communication. Adapting our communication style, which even includes what we are wearing, will significantly effect whether people will want to follow us

We often think of communication as something that either comes naturally or not, but it is a skill and like anything skill, can be trained and developed over time, with conscious thought and application.

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