Coaching Gym Movement Patterns


Module Summary

In this module, we have covered the 7 fundamental movement patterns that make up the bulk of our programming at Rise. Hopefully you now have an understanding regarding what these movements should look like, how they should be coached, and how you can approach a an athlete who may be struggling technically. 

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: the cues and correctives described in this module are simply strategies that we have found effective in our experience, however they are not a) the only way to cue/correct a movement, and b) fix-alls that will fix every athlete's technical errors. THE BEST CUE/CORRECTIVE IS THE ONE THAT WORKS. Hence the best thing to do now is to go out and practice being a coach and coaching these movement patterns. The more experience you get working with challenging athletes and movement patterns the better prepared you will be for your placement, and the more you'll get out of it! This is especially important if you are relatively unfamiliar with most of the movements described in this module, and if you have limited experience in the gym!

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