Coaching Field Movement Patterns


Module Outline

As with our justification regarding why gym training is an important addition to an athlete's training schedule, training field based movements such as sprinting, jumping, and agility can be incredibly useful for similar reasons. Again reverting back to our race car analogy, by enhancing an athletes ability to sprint, change direction, and jump we are again improving the power of their engine. Where this may be different to our gym based movements is just the type of upgrade we are performing on our engine/athlete. Gym movements are typically slower in speed, and hence promote more low velocity but high force adaptations, whereas our field based movements are typically much faster velocity but lower force (refer to Force-Velocity curve below).

Hence gym training will generally improve performance in low velocity/high force actions like acceleration, tackling, and protecting ground, with some transfer to faster movements. Conversely our field based training (sprinting, agility, plyometrics etc) will generally improve high velocity, low force movements such as sprinting, agility, and plyometrics, with some transfer to slower movements. As is expected, most sports have a combination of fast/slow and high force/low force movements that athletes need to execute well, hence a combination of gym and field movement training is optimal to enhance these different qualities.

​As with the previous module, this module will aim to teach you about the three fundamental field-based movement patterns of sprinting, agility/change of direction, and plyometrics/jump and land. For each movement, we will aim to discuss how these movements should be trained and coached, common errors for each, and some examples of each category of movement. Please note that there is a lot more complexity with these field movements compared to the gym movements, hence it will be challenging to use this online medium to properly break down these movement domains into as much details as we have with the gym movement patterns!

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