Specific Focus: Injury Prevention



Injury prevention is a very prominent topic in our industry, with the promise of keeping athlete's injury free a highly marketed product. As with everything, the challenge as a developing coach is to try and cut through the noise and determine what is of value and what isn't. Whilst there is certainly value in expert opinion and personal anecdotes, these information types are prone to various biases and need to be considered with an appropriate amount of scepticism. Additionally, if we consider the complexity of injuries, and the minimal research available to inform our decision making, it can be difficult to try and develop successful injury prevention protocols. This unit will discuss the "reductionist" model of injury prevention in the below video, and subsequently address some of the issues with this model. Additionally, we will discuss the concept of a "complex system" and why injuries are so challenging to prevent. Finally, we will aim to leave you with some take home methods of injury prevention that respect all previous discussion in the module!

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