Athlete Performance Testing


Common Athlete Performance Tests Used at Rise

The following list of tests are some of the most commonly used tests at Rise. The list is certainly not exhaustive, and you will not be required to know the intricate details and protocols for all of these tests. However you will be expected to have a brief understanding of each test including roughly what it measures, and roughly what the protocol looks like. Each cohort of athletes at Rise uses slightly different batteries of test, hence make sure you are familiar with the specific tests used in your cohort of athletes prior to completing testing!

Trap Bar Deadlift 5RM/3RM
Back Squat 5RM/3RM
DB Bench Press 5RM/3RM
Max Weight Chinup/Pullup 5RM/3RM
Isometric Squat using force plates

Vertical jump
Single hop
Triple hop
Med-ball throw
Drop Jump RSI

10-40m sprint tests
505 Change of direction test
AFL Agility Test
Lane Agility Test

Max reps chinups
Max reps pushups
Max reps sit to stands
Max length plank variations

Beep test
Yo-yo Test Variations

Make sure you have a rough appreciation of the protocols and qualities assessed by each of these tests, as they will likely be referred to throughout your placement. A quick introduction as to why protocols are important is described in the short video below!

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