Athlete Performance Testing


Module Outline

Athlete performance testing is an incredibly important aspect of our sports academy program for various reasons, and as will be discussed in this module it is extremely important that our testing procedures are standardised to maximise the information they give us. The information we aim to gain by completing athlete performance testing is:
- How the cohort is performing generally, but also with respect to specific athletic qualities
- How individual athletes are developing and what their "trajectory" is
- How we may need to adapt our program based on test performance

These are important questions to answer, and as will be discussed, can only be answered accurately based on accurate data coming in. Hence the goal of this module is to ensure that coaches understand the impact of poor test standardisation processes, and therefore thoroughly familiarise themselves with test protocols prior to testing.

In this module, we will touch on some of the common performance tests that we typically use, grouped roughly according to the physical qualities that they test. Additionally, we will touch on the concepts of test validity, and test reliability, and their influence on our interpretation of test results.

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