We are very confident in the quality of our program and so, like any program that prides itself on excellence, we have a series of expectation we all hold ourselves to in order to ensure the quality of our program. Similarly we hold our interns to very similar expectations.



We expect our interns to treat their time with us like an ongoing job interview, because for some interns this placement will likely lead on to other opportunities either directly or indirectly through Rise. By treating this like an ongoing job interview, it is expected that interns will engage with discussions activities to 100% of their ability, will bring open learning attitudes to all experiences, and will show respect to fellow interns, to staff, and to students. Additionally, given that we are working within a school environment, interns must maintain a professional demeanour throughout the day regardless of whether students are/aren't around.



It is expected that clear, open lines of communication will exist in both directions. Whenever there is an update or change to our schedule, we will let interns know as soon as we can, and we expect the same in return. Letting us know the night before placement that you can't attend is not good enough. Not replying to emails from us is not good enough. Again, treat this like a job interview by giving us as much notice as possible if there are going to be issues during your placement. Your first point of contact should always be the placement support team at education@risehg.com.au or for more urgent matters phone the clinic on 9763 9233.


University commitments are understandably a priority, however we understand assignments aren’t given out the day before they are due. If an exam is scheduled during one of the sessions then interns are obviously to miss the session to go to their exam. However, last minute assignment completion will not be a valid excuse; Please finish these outside of your session times. Outside of exams, sickness, and emergencies there are no reasons why you should need to skip your placement. Additionally, make sure you arrive at placement with enough time in the morning to go through the plan for the day and practice what you'll be doing.


Given that we are working within a school environment, it is essential that all onsite visitors can be instantly recognisable to prevent strangers from wandering into the school and running amuck. Hence our uniform consisting of a grey Rise shirt, black shorts/leggings/trackpants, and black runners and socks must be adhered to in order to keep our students safe. If you're cold, black/grey jumpers or long sleeves can be worn under the rise shirt, or additionally you can purchase a Rise hoodie (non-compulsory). Our admin team will organise the Rise shirts (and hoodie if interested) prior to the commencement of placement, with both of these charged at cost price for interns.



Rostering is done largely on intern preference but we request interns nominate a full day that they attend. We are unable to accommodate an hour here or an hour there. Given the number of interns we have at any one point in time, once you have been offered a regular day for placement, there is little we can do to change that, nor would we be able to keep up with the emails if all interns requested a switch. Hence make sure you think long and hard about what day/s suit you best.

Log Books

It's intern's responsibility to get log books completed and signed. We strongly encourage interns update their log book after each day of placement to avoid falling behind and forgetting what was done. Additionally, as you can imagine, most interns complete their hours at similar times and will therefore be looking to get log books signed. Hence when your log book is ready to be signed by us, we strongly encourage you get in contact with your supervisor ASAP, and allow them up to 2 weeks to sign everything and return it.

If you have any questions regarding the expectations outlined above, please don't hesitate to contact out placement support team at education@risehg.com.au

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