MODULE 2.1: The Hip Hinge

What is the hip hinge?

What does the hip hinge train?


The hip hinge is our primary method for loading the posterior chain, with a particular focus on hip and trunk extensor loading. The prime movers of this movement are the hip extensors (hamstrings and glutes), whilst accessory muscles include the spinal extensors which help to brace the spine, and upper back muscles that help to brace and stabilise the shoulder.


Training a hip extension dominant pattern transfers to sport-specific activities such as jumping, sprinting, and changing direction where strong hip extension strength/power is beneficial to performance. Additionally improving the spine's ability to brace and withstand forces is beneficial for improving performance during contact movements, and reduces the risk of injury during these movements.

What are the technical KPIs of a hinging pattern?

​The following are our three KPIs for a hip hinge pattern:

  • Forwards and backwards hip movement

    • To encourage loading of the posterior chain

  • Neutral spine

    • To ensure even distribution of load throughout the thorax

  • Vertical shins

    • To ensure the athlete is hinging, not squatting

How can we address technical errors?

​We can use the following to address technical issues with the hip hinge pattern:

  • Cuing

    • Encourage anterior-posterior movement of the hips

    • "Tall" torso posture

    • Tactile feedback, "pulling" the hips back using your hands

  • Regression/progression of the movement

    • Regress to a simpler version if needed

  • Use of constraints

    • Use of a dowel on back to provide feedback regarding neutral spine

    • Use of a wall/chair behind client to encourage posterior hip shift

What are some variations of the hip hinge?

  • Deadlift

  • Rack pull

  • Romanian Deadlift

  • Kettlebell Swing

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